Cardiovascular atraumatic Instruments

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Instruments. Atraumatic serration according to Cooley and De Bakey prevents injury to tissues and sensitive organs due to the special arrangement of the teeth when closing the jaws.

Cardio vascular instruments

Cardio vascular instruments for cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery.

The special arrangement of the teeth when closing the jaws prevent the atraumatic interlocking according to Cooley and De Bakey the injury of the tissue / organs.

Our instruments and implants are labeled with UDI / Datamatrix code on customer request. Through close cooperation with our customers, users and scientists at home and abroad, the entire product range is constantly being expanded and adapted to the needs and requirements of the market using the latest technology.

Our products are CE certified according to DIN ISO 13485:2016 and EC Directive 93/42/EEC. MDR reported as Actor. SRN DE-MF-000007328. As an approved manufacturer with our own technical documentation, we can offer you an OEM-PLM constellation or "distibuted by" / "manufactured by". Please contact us!

Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery InstrumentsCardiovascular Surgery Instruments

Information / Products

Bone splinter forceps, sternum chisels, raspatories, bone wire, flat forceps, wire whirling forceps, side cutters, wire nippers, rib scissors. rib locks, probes, dilators, vein strippers, ring strippers. varicose instruments and nerve hooks, vascular hooks or duradissectors, iris spatulas, septum elevators, suture catchers, suction tubes, scalpels, knives, Aortic punches, Scissors, Forceps, Clamps, Atraumatic vascular clamps, Cloth clamps. Bronchus clamps, Dissecting clamps, Ligature clamps, Lung grasping forceps, Swab forceps, Bowel grasping forceps, Tissue grasping forceps. Abdominal spatulas, Retractors, Retractors, Rib contractors, Lung spatulas, Atrium hooks, Needle holders, Orthopedics, Osteosynthesis, Gouge forceps.

Instrument names and authors

Lovelace, Price-Thomas, Allis, Semb, Babcock, Duval and Deaver, Ribbon, Desmarres, Volkmann, Kocher, Langenbeck or Mikulicz, Weitlaner. Sellors, Halsey, Crile-Wood, Mathieu, Castroviejo, Ruskin, Stille, Böhler, Liston, Cleveland, Mcindoe, Fergusson, Doyen, Baumgartner, Reill.

Harvey, Schuhmacher, Coryllos, Finochietto, Burford, Dubost, Struck, Tuffier, Mercedes, Morse, Varady, Nabatoff, Krayenbühl. Freer, Fisch, Cooley, Yankauer, Poppen, Karp, Mayo

Lexer, Supercut SC and TC SC, Metzenbaum, Kilner, Joseph, Reynolds, Iris, Potts-Smith, De Bakey, Dietrich, Favaloro, Braun-Stadler. Satinsky or Adson, Waugh, Semken, Gillies, McIndoe, Gerald.

Cushing, Nelson, Wangensteen, Durante, Biemer, Pean, Rankin, Glover, Lees, Dardik, Leland-Jones, Bainbridge, Weber, Liddle, Morris, Harken, Beck, Dale, Derra, Ochsner, Castaneda, Jones, Backhaus, Ulrich, Gross-Maier.


Digimed Medizintechnik was founded in 2004 in Wurmlingen near Tuttlingen. We are specialized manufacturer of surgical instruments and titanium implants.

We have specialized in the production of Sterile containers and sieve baskets .

Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our Cardiovascular Instruments product portfolio is constantly being expanded.


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